Breast Pump

Strong Suction breast pump is a device used to squeeze out breast milk that has accumulated in the breast.

It is usually used when a baby can not breastfeed directly or if the mother has a nipple problem. Or people who want to breastfeed despite continuing to work. With a baby breast pump, milk can be saved for the baby when the mother is away. Besides, using a baby breast pump can also stimulate milk secretion and increase the amount of milk.

The breast pump has an electric type and a manual type. The manual type is divided into a push type, a simple rubber ball type and a syringe type. The electric type can stimulate the milk array and the non-irritating milk array, and also separate the single breast pump and the double breast pump. The promotion of breastfeeding has made many mothers who have returned to the workplace become back-to-milk, and breast pumps play an important role.

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  • Manual Breastmilk Pump With Lid is the sleek and soft silicone design also ensures comfort for breastfeeding mummies to collect breast milk. silicone manual breast pump will collect EVERY drop of let down breast milk at the same time as you feed your baby on the other breast meaning you can collect, save and store a lot more milk whilst saving TIME.

  • Manual Massage Breast Pump provides a portable and convenient option for breastfeeding women who want to express discreetly and in comfort whilst on the move.

  • Single Massage Breast Pump is Professional Manual Breast Pump, portable/comfort pump,Silicone Hand Pump, BPA-Free, Breast Feeding, Breastmilk Pump. Relieve breast pain, breast lumps, and even mastitis cased by engorged breasts, It is not only a breast pump You buy, more importantly on the Breast Care and Baby's Health.

  • Dual Suction Breastfeeding Breast Pump This provides a convenient life for female friends during daily feeding. For female friends with lots of milk, breast pumps are indispensable.Mom's best choice, smoothly sucked without trouble, safe, comfortable and healthy.

  • The Electric Breast Pump Portable With Touch Screen is electric powered suction device used to express and collect breast milk from lactating mother. This product follows a baby's natural nursing rhythm. The unique design can help you to express breast milk quickly and comfortably.

  • All-in-one breast pump is user friendly , saves mom a lot of time , compatible with most bottlenecks, BPA free. It can be completely disassembled for cleaning without dead ends.

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