The baby hair clipper is a tool for cutting your baby's hair. It can also be cut when the baby is sleeping, and will not be woken up. The thin and safe design makes the mother easy to operate. It has the function of cutting hair, which can cut out the natural bangs and trim the thick hair of the head. Remove the lid and shave the hair and hair of the horns.

The bottle drying rack is more practical, which not only prevents the dry bottles from breeding small bacteria, but also facilitates the placement of various types of bottle products. The price is also relatively cheap. Some bottle drying racks on the market range in price from tens of dollars, and they are able to buy safe and secure bottle drying racks.

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  • Baby Bottle Drying Rack With Removable Tray your baby's bottles and accessories in a clean and tidy way. It can fit up to 8 bottles, as well as nipples, breast pump parts, pacifiers, and/or other baby accessories.

  • This ultra slient Baby Hair Clippers has a low working noise which is less than 45db, making the babies no fear to the hair-cut. Also, the cordless capacity is so wonderful for the haircut and it will not wake babies up even when they are sleeping.

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