Teether Pacifier

Teether Pacifier,  it is to point to the tool that regulate your baby's mood. Here is baby teether comforting toy.
Dental gum, one of the teether pacifier also known as molar, tooth fixer, tooth training device. It mostly made of safe and non-toxic silica gel, some made of soft plastic.By sucking and chewing gum, it can promote the baby's eye, hand coordination, thus promoting the development of intelligence.  Baby teether pacifier is suitable for baby from 6 months to 2 years.
The use of Teether Pacifier helps to meet the baby's natural sucking response and allows the baby's jaw, cheekbones and lips to be highly exercised. According to the study, the use of a teether pacifier can greatly reduce the sudden death rate of the baby due to the lack of nasal breathing habits. Long-term use of the teether pacifier helps the baby develop a habit of closing his mouth, and naturally learns to breathe
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