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Silicone Feeding Spoon Material

A baby soft spoon is a spoon made of a baby made of a material such as silicone.

Silica gel is a harmless, colorless and odorless material for human body. It does not contain bisphenol A. It does not contain harmful substances and will not hurt your baby's teeth and oral mucosa. Just like your mother's skin, breast milk is full and can calm your baby's mood. The use of food grade silicone rubber is extremely safe; the soft spoon does not scratch the soft tongue of the baby; the ergonomic spoon handle is more comfortable to hold, and the slightly longer spoon handle makes it easier to feed the bottle when feeding the bottle. The bottom food is scraped clean; the size and depth of the soft spoon are very particular, just right for the baby's small mouth, and it is very soft, care for the baby's gums and mouth.

The soft silicone spoon is non-toxic, odorless, free of chemical impurities and can be disinfected with boiling water. Anti-aging, non-sticky, soft long handle can touch the bottom of baby food can, silicone spoon tip, safer and easier to clean.