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How to use Painless Massage Baby breast pump

The Painless Massage Baby breast pump is used as follows:

1. Check that the parts are in good condition before use to ensure that the breast pump is working properly.

2. Wash your hands and clean your breasts.
1) Disinfect all parts that come into contact with breast milk (the breast pump unit does not need to be cleaned).
2) Place the nipple in the center of the horn, so that the petal massage pad is close to the breast. When sucking, do not tilt the bottle or overfill the bottle.

3. Host massage mode: automatically enter the massage mode after power on, and the massage frequency can be set by the “+” and “-” keys. If you still need prolactin for prolactin, press the prolactin mode button to switch, the massage mode frequency is faster than the breast pumping mode, but the suction is small, which can promote breast dredge and stimulate milk secretion.

4. Breast pumping mode: Press “+” “-” in the breast pump mode to adjust the pumping strength. You can choose the gear that is most suitable for you, comfortable and effective sucking. In the sucking mode, the center of the force is adjusted and the frequency is constant.

5. The host will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of operation. When you are finished using it, turn off the power.