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These pregnant moms about breast pumps need to know

In the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding, pregnant mothers will prepare a lot of maternal and child products. The breast pump is also in the preparation of mothers. Many mothers are very confused. Do they really need breast pumps, and some people use them once or twice. It is not used. For pregnant mothers, is the breast pump really needed? What is the difference between automatic and manual? Discuss this issue today, solve my mother's doubts, understand the role of the breast pump, choose whether to use the breast pump according to your own situation!

1. Prevent mastitis and relieve pain
Many novice mothers are the first to feed, often have the feeling of milk and pain, and there will be milk knots in the later stage. At this time, the breast pump will come in handy, it can clear the breast and relieve pain. Suck the milk, open the milk as soon as possible, and drink milk for your baby!

2, urging milk, milk storage
If the mother's milk is not enough for the baby's daily consumption, it is also necessary to use the help of the food supplement and breast pump. Although the baby can eat some milk powder in moderation, breast milk is still a better choice, and the breast pump can be used regularly. Promote milk, maintain daily output, mother can also store milk when the amount of milk is sufficient, to ensure that the baby has breast milk at any time!

3, convenient, help the nipple retracted mother
The existence of the breast pump is of course also to liberate the mothers. If you want to invest in the work earlier, you should also use the breast pump to store the milk for your baby. As a backing mother, it is really convenient to be able to suck the milk anytime and anywhere. of. And some mothers with natural nipple retraction, the baby is difficult to suck the milk, then also need the help of a breast pump, you can suck the nipple and then breastfeed!