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How Much Formula To Feed My Baby


When your baby first comes home, there are a lot of new things that, as new parents, you will have to learn. In some cases, its like cramming for an exam that starts in an hour. If youre anything like I am, you might not even know how to change a diaper. But while we cant help you there, a question many new parents have is how much formula they should be feeding their little one.


With that in mind, we wanted to provide you with a guide that can give you some idea of what the right amount of formula is for your baby and what to look out for when theyre getting hungry and what getting the right amount of formula looks like. So if youre ready:


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Starting to feed your baby how much should you give them?

When it comes to feeding your little one, a baby will eat when theyre hungry and stop when theyve had their fill. But the size of an appetite can vary from child to child as well as their nutritional needs can change day to day or even month to month. Because of this, babies who are primarily formula-fed tend to be heavier than those who are breastfed.


When you read that out loud, it sounds complicated and downright confusing to any new parent. This is why it is always a good idea to check with your babys pediatrician regularly and follow some guidelines, your little one will be on the right track.


During the day, you want to try and avoid giving your little one more than 32 ounces of formula. This will change once they start solid foods, so youll need to adjust the amount of formula they get accordingly. When you take your little one to the doctor, they will use growth charts to track your childs progress to make sure that they are growing regularly and getting the food and nutrition that they need.