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How to clean your babys bottle and breast pump

1. First we remove the pacifier and pour off the remaining milk.
2. Then use a clear water to poke the nipple and the bottle, including the breast pump, and clean each part with water.
3. Then put the nipple and the bottle and the breast pump together in a special container and soak for a while in a special detergent for about 10 minutes.
4. Then carefully clean the inner and outer sides of the nipple with the baby's special nipple brush. Carefully clean the milk slag adhering to the inner wall of the bottle with a bottle brush. The mother should pay attention to the key parts, focusing on cleaning the bottom of the bottle, the shoulder of the bottle, the bottle neck and the bottle mouth. These are not cleaned and are prone to bacteria, causing the baby to get sick.
5. Then rinse the washed bottle, nipple, and breast pump with water carefully, rinse at least 3 times, and rinse off the remaining detergent. This will not leave the residue of the detergent, so it will not harm the baby's health.
6. Finally, put clean water in a clean container, put the bottle and nipple into the bottle, heat and boil and cook for 5 minutes. I usually burn a few minutes with boiled boiling water, repeated two or three times. Some mothers will use a special sterilizer to finally remove the cooling and dry it for use.