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Is the baby using a silicone spoon?

The choice of baby tableware material should be selected according to the baby's actual needs, parents must choose non-toxic and harmless, quality products.

The baby's first spoon is preferably a food-grade silicone soft head spoon. Silicone is a common raw material for pacifiers. It is soft in texture and will not hurt your baby's delicate gums. It is not easy to deform, it is resistant to baby bites, and the material is safe. It can be boiled and disinfected without any harmful substances. It should be noted that the silicone spoon usually means that the spoon head is made of silicone material, and the spoon handle is not made of silicone material, and generally has a PP material. Be careful to choose a baby spoon that can be autoclaved, the edge of the spoon is smooth and the burr is not sharp.

6 to 10 months of babies have begun to add complementary food, and the hand movements are more and more flexible, about 8 months old, the baby began to learn how to look like an adult with a spoon to fish the food in the bowl, and dip Put the spoon of food in your mouth. The silicone soft head spoon that I bought before can still be used. However, since the silicone spoon is too soft and it is not easy to scrape the food, it is recommended that Mom and Dad prepare a hard spoon for the baby and choose a plastic spoon with a safe material. PP spoon. In order to facilitate the baby's grip, it is best to choose a spoon with a handle that has a gripping design (such as a bump and a round handle).