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How to feed your baby with muddy food

1. The baby's first time to eat the muddy food is very important, which is related to whether the baby adapts, habits and loves the muddy food, while ensuring the baby's nutritional needs. The first feeding can be chosen after the baby wakes up, and he is quieter and energetic. First give the baby a little of the milk he is used to, which also helps his mood to be stable and helps the baby to relax.

2, the baby's tableware should be disinfected to ensure relative sterility. Mix a small amount of baby rice noodles with the baby's customary milk and stir until a smooth paste. Baby Silicone Squeeze Feeding Bottle is placed in your baby's mouth to observe the baby's reaction and pay attention to his feeling of mushy food. Mother can imitate the delicious expression to encourage the baby to eat the first food. Don't let your baby master the swallowing technique fast enough, don't feel that the baby spit out the food more actively than swallowing the food. This is the normal process for the baby to learn to swallow.

3, do not force the baby to eat a few spoonfuls of muddy food, only the baby shows the appearance of wanting to eat, the mother only feed him.

4. If the baby refuses to eat the mud, the mother can try again at other times. If he has always shown a dislike, be patient and wait for the baby to prepare for eating muddy food.

5, in the first week of the baby to start eating muddy food, try to taste the mud food every day, do not have to feed a lot. In the next eight weeks, you can gradually increase the amount of food in the mud and change the pattern of food, so that the baby can develop the habit of eating three meals a day. At the same time, daily intake of approximately 600 ml of breast milk or formula is guaranteed.