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The bottle drying rack is useful, and its use is noted as follows

The bottle drying rack is useful, and its use is noted as follows:

1. Hygiene: When the bottle drying rack is used to dry the bottle, the bottle needs to be buckled back, so that the bottle can be prevented from falling, so it is more hygienic and less laborious to use.

2, practical: bottle drying rack can not only place bottles, but also can be placed in a variety of bottle supplies, so use. Moreover, the price of the bottle drying rack is not high, generally in the dozens or so.

3, Convenience: Some mothers will always lose three or four. If there is a bottle in the house to dry the rack, you can put some other small items, such as spare pacifiers, bottles and other baby items, while drying the bottle. This makes it easier for the mother to find it when she needs it.

4, good-looking: beautiful bottle rack placed on the crystal clear bottle, it looks very good, the mother can look at the first time can ease the fatigue during the baby care. Moreover, the bottle drying rack occupies a small area, and the mother can be placed in the corner of the living room or kitchen.