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Baby hair clipper introduction content

The baby hair clipper can also cut hair when the baby is sleeping, and will not be woken up. It is convenient to trim more hairstyles for your baby. The baby hair clipper can cut and cut hair, combing from top to bottom, and the layering on both sides and the foot can be easily cut out; the ear can be easily trimmed and the hair can be trimmed, and the bangs trimmed with the "shaved hair" block can be easily trimmed. Can make the hairstyle natural.

The unique design of the cutter head will not damage the soft skin of the baby; the storage box will save the hair shavings, will not make the baby itchy, easy to clean; silent design, even if the baby sleeps, the hair will not be woken up; colorful and lively design, Make children like it.

The thin and safe design makes the mother easy to operate. It has the function of cutting hair, which can cut out the natural bangs and trim the thick hair of the head. Remove the lid and shave the hair and hair of the horns.