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Baby hair clipper purchase tips

1. Be sure to choose the quality you can trust. A poor quality hair clipper can easily catch your baby's hair after a long time, which is very dangerous, so it is of paramount importance to look for the brand of baby hair clipper.

2. Pay attention to the appearance of the hair clipper. It is necessary to have a bright color and a beautiful appearance, so that the baby will like it, and I will not let it go. Many babies don’t like to protect their hair. When they cut their hair, they will hide in Tibet. Choosing a favorite baby hair clipper will make the baby fall in love. For haircuts, moms don’t need to worry about the baby not getting a haircut.

3. The mute effect should be outstanding. Because the hair is usually given to the baby, if the sound is too noisy, it is easy for the baby to have fear; so it is best to adapt to the baby after the baby sleeps, so the hair clipper must be muted.

4. The cutter head should be ceramic. If the stainless steel cutter head is used for a long time, it will affect the rotation of the cutter head due to rust, which will easily hurt the baby. Therefore, it is best to choose the ceramic cutter head. Although it is fragile, it is cost-effective and has a longer service life. The shearing force is sharper and avoids pinching your hair when you give your baby a haircut.

5. Positioning function. In order to quickly give your child a haircut, buying a baby hair clipper with positioning function is a smart choice. Most of the children's hair clippers on the market have a simple positioning function. It is recommended that you buy a baby hair clipper that can fix the length of the hair at will, which is convenient for parents to determine the length of the child's hair according to the season.

6. Don't choose the kind of battery. I accidentally forgot to take out the battery. If it has not been used for a long time, it will be abolished, and the battery is still a waste of money. Of course, it is not possible to use a baby hair clipper with an external power supply. It is easy for the child to pull off the power cord when the hair is cut. It hurts your hair and even scratches your child, so it is better to choose a rechargeable baby hair clipper. You don't have to worry about battery problems every day. It is very comfortable to use.