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Baby hair clipper care

The hair clipper uses a high-speed, low-noise motor and a high-intensity spring. For the first time use or long-term use, please remove the cutter head and slide it several times with your hand to ensure the elasticity of the spring. The fixed cutter head is made of special steel material. The movable blade is divided into high-density steel blade and ceramic blade. Before and after use, it is necessary to inject two or three drops of oil between the fixed and movable blades to maintain the long-term sharpness and prevent heat generation.

Cleaning and maintenance of the blade:
1. Take the fader with the front of the fuselage facing up, and push the blade with your thumbs. Use a cleaning brush to clean the blade assembly and press the cleaning lever to open the blade to remove the chipping between the blades.
2. Drop two or three drops of oil between the fixed and movable blades. After using the machine several times, clean and lubricate the blade.
3. When installing the cutter head, please put the back of the fuselage up, the bottom of the cutter head first into the slot, and push the cutter head hard until it clicks.