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What is the difference between diaper and cloth diapers?

The diaper is more absorbent than the cloth diaper, and it is easier than the cloth diaper. If it is used up, it will be replaced and it will not need to be cleaned. The cloth diaper can be used repeatedly, but the cleaning is troublesome.

Many mothers talked about the advantages and disadvantages of diapers and cloth diapers, and gave a good recommendation, that is: by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of diapers and cloth diapers, we can find that it is convenient or should use diapers, but Child health seems to be better with cloth diapers. But why not combine the advantages of both?

In fact, experts have talked about the choice of diapers very early, experts say so: children's diapers should choose cotton, light-colored half-old sheets or white rags. Because of its soft texture, strong water absorption, easy to wash and dry. In order to fix the child's diaper, put a loose elastic band on the lower abdomen of the child, put the diaper under the elastic band, and the elastic band should be changed with the baby's development. It should not be allergic, otherwise it will easily damage the baby's skin and cause infection. .