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Urine is not wet and absorbent?

Rice is boiled and cooked, although the rice contains a lot of water, but because the water does not flow out; the flour and water are kneaded into dough, and the dough can not be squeezed out by hand.

It can be seen that substances such as rice and noodles have a strong ability to retain water. The chemical component in rice and flour is starch, which is mainly a long-chain polymer compound with many atoms on the long chain that can be close to water.

Therefore, water molecules are quite easily attracted to the long chain of molecules, and are squeezed between long-chain molecules, thereby expanding the rice grains and integrating them. Except in extremely dry conditions, otherwise, this water cannot be squeezed out. Many synthetic polymer materials generally have the above-mentioned water absorbing properties, such as polyvinyl alcohol.

If you apply them on a soft cloth, you can make a "diaper" diaper. For example, a "diaper" product can use a water-repellent material called starch-polyoxyethylene, which connects the starch molecules and polyoxyethylene molecules to form longer molecules. The amount of water absorbed by this material can theoretically reach 460 times its own weight. That is to say, 50 grams of this material is applied to the "urine dampness", which can absorb 23 kilograms and absorb 35 kilograms of physiological saline.

Urine is not wet: the pressure is not easily lost

It is that when a little pressure is applied, the absorbed moisture cannot flow out. In fact, just suck about 1 kilogram of urine. At this time, the water retaining material on the "diaper is not wet" does not have a very large volume change. Therefore, calling it "diabetes" is well deserved.