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How to change diaper?

1. Take out the diaper wipes and open them.

2. Untie half of the clothes to prevent the baby from catching cold. Lift the baby's knees and raise the baby's buttocks with your left hand.

3. Roll the feces into a paper diaper, rub the wet tissue with warm water and rub the buttocks. Girls on both sides of the vulva, thigh roots, from top to bottom, especially girls. The boy should pay attention to the genitals under the anus, around the anus. Wash the stool with a small basin, divide the anus, pat dry with a dry towel, apply a diaper cream or sesame oil once a day.

4, the right hand pulled out the wet diaper, the boy looked at the navel wet and not wet.

5. After changing the new urine to wet, use your fingers to gently spread the edge of the diaper. The back is flattened, and before the umbilical cord is detached, the small clothes are turned down and the umbilical cord is exposed. Recover it and prevent the clothes from getting wet.