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Does the breast pump affect the breast?

After the baby is born, many young mothers are eager to feed with their own milk. In some cases, the breasts have already felt full, but they can't squeeze a drop of milk. Many people choose to buy milk. To help relieve the symptoms, does the breast pump affect the breast?

1. The baby does not have a good ability to suck milk at this time. You can choose the right breast pump to help the milk to be secreted. If the method is correct and the product is good, it will not affect the breast. However, many people in the process of operation, due to insufficient strength, will cause the breast to squeeze, then you need to use a warm towel for external application, or massage through a scorn method to help the meridian dredge.

2. In the case that the baby can already suck the milk normally, it is necessary to reduce the use of the breast pump. Before feeding, clean all the hands and the breasts on both sides, and put the whole nipple into the baby's mouth, which can reduce Cold air enters the gastrointestinal tract, causing the phenomenon of spitting milk. After feeding the milk, the baby's upper body is reasonably raised, at a 45-degree angle, which can effectively help the food to digest better.

3, if the secretion of milk is not very sufficient, you can invite a special prolactin, massage the breasts, help the milk secretion faster, but also accompanied by nutritious food, such as fresh trotters, squid, etc. A variety of ingredients, cross-bred into soup to drink.