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Care and Using breast pump

Before using the breast pump, clean and sterilize all the parts of the unit. For sterilizing of parts please refer to the section “Cleaning and Sterilising” and follow the steps listed. After cleaning and sterilizing, with correctly assembled breast pump you can follow the steps below to use the breast pump.
You should try to familiarize yourself with the suction control of the breast pump before using it. By placing the breast shield against your hand or arm, you can practice the use of this pump.
• Wash your hands before you begin to express milk.
• At first pump rapidly and frequently in order to stimulate the breast
• When your breast gets used to it start to pump slower. If you are content with the lactation, keep on pumping with this pace.
• Do not continue expressing milk more than 120 ml. If you fill the bottle up to the 120ml. then empty the bottle. If you do not empty the bottle suction problems may occur.
• Place the breast pump on the other breast and repeat the same steps as mentioned above.