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What causes watery breast milk and how to do?


What causes watery breast milk and how to do?

The hormone oxytocin is released into the bloodstream and the watery milk moves down the ducts toward the nipple where it mixes with any left milk from the last breastfeeding.

The higher fat hindmilk mixes with the high lactose foremilk produce the perfect food for your baby.

So how to improve the nutrition of breast milk?

Mother’s mental state and her physical condition determine the level of nutrients in breast milk. Mum try not to be picky about food and do not eat spicy, fired food or greasy food, which resulting in the quality of breast milk decline. Mum should eat more beans, fish, shrimp, meat, liver or fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more carp soup and soybean and pork feet soup. Angry and sad all these negative thoughts will effect the breast milk.