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What are the types of bottles? What are the advantages?

Plastic bottle
Divided into PP material bottle, PPSU material bottle, PES material bottle, silicone material bottle, PC material bottle (forbidden worldwide).

PP bottle: PP, also known as polypropylene, translucent, lightweight and easy to fall, easy to clean, safe and free of bisphenol A, widely used in bottles, tableware materials, PP material is recognized in the world for the safety of food containers Material, material toughness, resistance to falling, impact resistance is very strong.

PPSU bottle: PPSU, also known as polyphenyl sulfone, is a light golden yellow color. It is a safe new material for maternal and child products. It is safe and non-toxic. It does not contain carcinogenic bisphenol A. It can withstand high temperature up to 180 °C and can withstand repeated high temperature sterilization. The stability is very good. It combines the safety of glass and the lightness and resistance of PC.

PES bottle: PES, also known as polyethersulfone, is colorless and transparent, light and resistant to falling, easy to clean, safe and free of bisphenol A.
Silicone bottle: more materials used to make pacifiers, non-toxic, no bisphenol A, no harmful substances; soft, unbreakable, economical and durable. It is also now used to make bottle bottles, high temperature and aging resistance.

PC material bottle: also known as polycarbonate, high transparency, widely used in the manufacture of bottle materials, but the bottle contains bisphenol A, the EU believes that bisphenol A can be precipitated into food and beverage when heated, it may Disturbing the metabolic process of the human body has an impact on infant development and immunity, and even causes cancer.