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The benefits of silicone bottles

1, non-toxic, soft. Contains no bisphenol A, no harmful substances, the bottle is soft, can not break, will not hurt the baby's teeth and oral mucosa, like the mother's skin, breast milk is full, can comfort the baby's mood; bottle bottle and pacifier It is the same material - food grade silicone rubber, very safe;
2, anti-flatulence, anti-mite milk: the nipple is provided with an intake valve, the suction pipe is provided with an air inlet hole, so that the bottle maintains the internal and external pressure balance at all times, the baby sucks milk more smoothly, effectively preventing the milk and rising belly;
3, breast milk real feeling: the bottle is very soft, like the mother's breasts, the baby likes it; ergonomic design, easy, natural
4, economical and durable: silicone rubber resistant to high and low temperature (-50 ° C -200 ° C), high temperature sterilization, anti-aging, no deformation; boiled, steam and other disinfection; bottle can be used for a long time, just replace the nipple can.
5, milking function. The mother who produced the first time, there is no milk in the few days after birth, the newborn baby does not know how to suck the milk, you can use this bottle to squeeze the milk to feed the newborn baby. When the baby tastes the taste of the milk, it starts to suck the milk. When giving your baby juice, you can squeeze the baby to taste beforehand, and the baby is happier.