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Bottle cleaning method

Cleaning and disinfection of bottles and nipples is essential because some dirt and bacteria are trapped in the bottles and nipples, which can harm your baby's health.

1. You can use a special bottle detergent or a detergent made of natural ingredients, and clean it with a bottle brush and a sponge.
2. It is easy to leave the milk powder in the nipple part. It should be thoroughly cleaned with a sponge and a brush on both the outside and the inside.
3. In order to prevent the residue of the detergent, the nipple should be rinsed off. It is best to turn the nipple over to clean the inside.
4. After the water in the pot boils, the bottle and nipple can be disinfected. The bottle is lighter and easier to float on the surface of the water, and the bottle can be sunk by filling it with water.
5. The nipple can be taken out after boiling for 3 minutes; the bottle is boiled for 5 minutes and taken out. After boiling, put it on a clean gauze and drain it into the box.

Bottle cleaning tips at night

Washing the bottle at night is a very troublesome thing. Here's how to clean the bottle at night: You can prepare a large bowl full of water in advance, then soak the used bottle into the bowl and wash it the next morning. In order not to affect the quality of sleep at night, it is necessary to prepare a few more bottles, which will be much easier at night. When soaking, the used bottle is filled with clean water, so that the formula will not stick to the bottle wall, and it will be easy to clean the next day.