All natural silicone manual breast pump

Ningbo DEAREVERY Electrical Technology Co. Ltd is a factory specialized in maternal and infant products. We are professional on producing Bottle, Gygiene, Meal, Pacifier, Prevention, Breast Feeding, Spare Parts, Baby Silicone Bottle, Electric breast Pumpand so on. Our products have CPC certification. These products were exported with good quality and low price.
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  • Manual Breastmilk Pump With Lid is the sleek and soft silicone design also ensures comfort for breastfeeding mummies to collect breast milk. silicone manual breast pump will collect EVERY drop of let down breast milk at the same time as you feed your baby on the other breast meaning you can collect, save and store a lot more milk whilst saving TIME.

Dearevery specialized in producing All natural silicone manual breast pump. Since the foundation, our company has always been in pursuit of the best cost performance and exceed customer expectations as our objective.